Operation Sunburst

Operation Sunburst: END OIL NOW with plug-in EV and solar PV


Three ways to help end oil now:

1. POST EV facts on web news items! Just copy and paste the points below.

2. SUPPORT Toyota’s resumption of production of RAV-EV with Tesla. Visit HQ, bring your old RAV-EV to park on dealer lots, with signs, write letters to Toyota.

3. INFORMATIONAL PICKETING of Big Oil, especially Chevron stations, to alert Citizens to End Oil Now and about Operation Sunburst (flyers with below points)


Plug-in Electric cars (“EV”) and rooftop solar energy (“PV”) is the only sustainable way to power individual autos.

Running an EV 1000 miles per month takes only 250 kilo-Watt-hours (kWh) of electric, about $25 worth; about what two old refrigerators cost and about a third of the average home usage.

It would take only a tenth of the average home roof — 6 square yards — to make 250 kWh per month, enough electric energy to run a plug-in car 1000 miles per month. The unused rooftops of America, over 10,000 square miles, can supply more energy than we need.

Because solar power and plug-in cars would cut oil profits, Big Oil has diverted attention from this proven alternative to oil and coal.

No matter how many nuke or coal plants we build, it won’t replace one drop of oil unless there are plug-in cars to use the electric.

America’s largest open-pit coal mine is a witches cauldron of toxic waste and caustic destruction; but if the ground were left alone, and covered with solar panels, we’d get more electric energy from the same space (28,000 acres) than from burning the coal.

Instead of coal mines and oil rigs, the same workers could be manufacturing and installing solar panels and building Electric plug-in cars and reforming the batteries after 100K miles.

Buying $700,000,000 per day of overseas oil from people who dislike us gives them our money and leaves only air and ground pollution, asthma and smog.

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) is the only proven Electric car battery; after 100K or 200K miles NiMH can be remelted down into new batteries without new mining.

But other batteries can be made to work, we need to get into production instead of endless research. We need to start making and improving plug-in cars right now, using the batteries we know work well.

Lowering cost and continual product improvement of EVs (Electric Vehicles) and solar panels is the only healing salve for our oil and coal toxicity.